יום שבת, 15 בדצמבר 2012


all started when i wrote a tutorial how to create Matryoshka with polymer clay
in the tutorial i add a template and start to play with it
i love to create them its so fun and the sky is the limit at the international art fair i sold some of them and also had some order so since than i am making them


you can make them as a keychain as a pendant as a wall decoration 

יום חמישי, 29 בנובמבר 2012

My new Pinkacsso line

 for long time i made my pinkasso line in black color

 so now i decided to make them also in colors the first one that i made was the teapot that already sold 

and now i make 3 new  vase
2 mini vase and a big one i love the result and hope to make some more 

so hope you like it too :-)

יום שלישי, 20 בנובמבר 2012

New polymer clay PDF tutorial - how to make polymer clay turtle +millefiori cane

this turtle tutorial i made with my father we are at home in the last 8 days because of being under missile attack so we are not working and instead of sitting and waiting to the next alarm we decided to create this  tutorial 

this tutorial include 35 pages and for the first time i also demo in this tutorial how to create
one of my millefiori flower cane
this tutorial also include the design that i use to decorate the turtle carapace and my way to transfer this design on polymer clay
in this tutorial there is 110 photo and explanation step by step in English and in Hebrew as well
We decided to create a turtle that according to Feng Shui  the turtles is a symbol of stability security  and long life
and we wish that one day there will be stability in our country Israel

You can find this amazing tutorial on my Etsy shop 

Thank you :-)

יום שני, 12 בנובמבר 2012

New polymer clay PDF

giraffe shelf sitter 

i just made my first tutorial all by myself and i am very proud
in this tutorial there is 100 colorful photo that guide you step by step to create with polymer clay  my shelf sitter Giraffe and include 32 pages step by step explanations
those shelf sitter i  made for the first time to the international art fair that was in Jerusalem and after the fair nothing left and i continue to create them and i really enjoy
you can make it even if you are just start to create with polymer clay
you can decorate your home office with those quite Giraffe
you can find my tutorial on my Etsy shop

and this month i also give my Pop ART tutorial as a gift

have a great day

יום רביעי, 26 בספטמבר 2012

Happy New Year and Thank you

 Since I open my Etsy shop (http://www.etsy.com/shop/MIRAKRIS) I was not believe or dream that my art work will make such a long distance by mail (wish I was visiting all those places) – people from all over the world purchase my art .

during the last year i send my Artwork to many places around the world - to India ,Japan , US, Switzerland ,France , United KingdomNetherlands  , New Zealand, China, India, Germany, Canada, Chile, Australia, Spain, Italy and Israel.

The fact that people buy my art just make me Happy there is nothing in the world that more flattering for an artist when people are buying their artwork its not only the money that help to buy more materials its more than that  it’s the recognition evaluation and love  – this give the drive to create more to think about new things and to know that I make happy somewhere someone around the world sometime i wish i could see the face of the people when they open their package when they receive it.

I was never dream that one day I am going to be an Artist that I will have a studio and create
 I was so TOM BOY when I was young and even remember asking my parents to tell the teacher at the kindergarten not to force me to draw every day a house ,sun ,sky and tree because it’s the same every day the only thing that change is the kind of colors that we use J and  I begged that they will let me play with the boys with the big cubes, maybe because of that today I am not 
afraid to create big sculpture and make the welding work like the boys J

I never learn art in any institute  i was many year in the Army and learn at the University how to be internal auditor far away from Art J so sometime we don't know what we have inside of us we never know what life planing  to us :-)

 So I want to Thank to all my customers around the world and in this  Hebrew new year
 I 'want to say Thank you and to  wish to you all  lots of Health Happines and creativity and as we say in Hebrew Shana Tova :-)

So this is some of my lasts artwork that I made with my dear Father that work with me create with me and helping me so so much love you dad J


יום שבת, 4 באוגוסט 2012

My new Clowns

in two days we are going to take part at the international art faie in Jerusalem so for this event i made this lovely clowns and i enjoy it so much

i am so happy with the result they make me smil every time that i am looking at them 
so hope you will enjoy them too 

יום רביעי, 16 במאי 2012

small world project

Small world project  
I continue with my small world project and today I add two more giraffe with the Australian flag and with the Italian flag its going to be a long process and I don't know when I am going to finish it and I don't think that I have the time to finish it in some of the country that I already done ,I visit -  actually the only place from all the country that I  already made I didn't visit Australia yet  its too far from here a very long flight and also very expensive maybe one day I will be there
you can see more of my work on :

and also on my Etsy shop :

   Thank you 

יום שני, 14 במאי 2012

Small World

We just celebrate the independent day in Israel during the holiday I get the idea to make my giraffe with flags of the world so two days ago I start to work on this three giraffe and I am so happy with the result

 until my 8  operation I hope to make more giraffe with different flags
Now those Giraffe available on my Etsy shop

They make me smile hope you will smile also J


יום רביעי, 9 במאי 2012

The Soul Bird

One of the most beautiful story for children call the soul bird writing by Michal Snunit 

you can find this book in English and also in Hebrew 
last year someone very special gave me this book as a gift and that immediately cause me to made my version with polymer cay
 my birds also stand on one foot this week i met someone that know Michal Snunit and i 
just hope that one day i will be able to give her as a gift one of my soul bird 

Most important is to listen to the soul bird,
because sometimes it calls us and we don't hear it.
This is a shame- it wants to tell us about ourselves.
It wants to tell us about the feelings
that are locked up inside its drawers.

Some of us hear it all the time.
Some almost never.
And some of us hear it
only once in a lifetime.
That's why it'a good idea -
maybe late at night when everything is quiet -
to listen to the soul bird
deep down inside us.

יום רביעי, 2 במאי 2012

Shelf Sitter Animal

Few weeks ago one of my friend ask me to make for him Shelf Sitter for his new office 
Because i love animal so much and also to sculpt them it was obvious that I am going to sculpt for him one of my cute animal so I start with the Giraffe and then I mad bird and upload the Photo to my wall on FB

I received so many comments and one of the comment wrote by Hagit a member at the Israeli polymer clay guild that ask me to make tutu skirt for one of them but I already made a cat with shoes but didn't think to make clothes for them I like the idea and start to make clothes to the Giraffe

And this is how I start the giraffe and cat  line
One of the couple that I really love is the getting married that I made as a gift for a very   special friend of mien for her son that getting married

You can see more of my Giraffe on my Etsy shop

יום חמישי, 9 בפברואר 2012


תמיד ציירתי לי ציורים אבל אף פעם לא חשבתי שהם מספיק טובים בשביל שאחרים יראו אותם והנה נולדה לה קולקציה של ציורים בשיטת ה- ZENTANGLE .
כמובן שלא יכולתי להשאיר את הציורים האלה כפי שהם וישר עשיתי בהם שימוש בעבודותיי בחימר הפולימרי
המחמאה הכי גדולה היא שלקוחה הזמינה ציור שלי .
הציורים האלה אמנם לוקחים שעות של עבודה אבל בסופו של דבר ההנאה היא הדבר החשוב ולא פחות התוצאה אז הנה כמה מהציורים ושילובם בעבודת הפולימרים שלי